Ips-az.net is an exchange platform for IPS-AZ community members and students with 200+ registered members and 1,000+ monthly visitors. It provides full information to Azerbaijan students who would like and come to Germany and become a student in middle of Europe and to join the community.

The website has has connection with other IPS communities in the world.

Project Info

IPS Azerbaijan
2011, 2019
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The need for a Website

The community been created back in 2008 and it had not much members at that times. Since it had more members and more people interested to go to Germany from Azerbaijan to stydy the need arised to create a website which advertises the community. Website been created in 2009 and redesigned in 2019.

Starting from Zero

The creation of a complete new website is always a challenge because you start from nothing. We could not fall back on existing concepts, but needed to rethink the presentation and communication of communication needs from scratch.

What we achieved

We have created a forum on the website for the community members collaboration and discussions as well.

Website gives general information on Azerbaijan, its history and tiuristic places. It also has a list of related links every student might need.

To bring more life and communication into the community, we integrated a chat engine.

Next we created backend for easy management of the created content. By registration each user becomes part of the community and his/her contributions are publicly listed.

We introduced votings system for the discussed issues of community.

Since there are many topics to be discussed we also added a comprehensive search engine to the forum.

Its more of Students lifestyle abroad

By this website students are sharing their ideas and having discussions on different topics.

Community has really grown in period from 2009 - 2019

The IPS Azerbaijan website was awarded 3rd place in Milli.net competition in 2010 year. It was votes to be best website built for community members living in Germany

Website keeps community members informed on latest additions


Registered members


Monthly visitors

Final Results

Created website is used by all IPS-AZ community members and all students interested in this program worldwide. Website is a gateway between all community members.

Website has a  huge success and counts 1,000+ visitors monthly.

We are proud of what we did because it is extremely helpful. It also shows our ability to create innovative website, to fulfill requirements and to make a big-scale community happy.

Do you want to start a project with us?

If we can help you with our expertise and our passion too, please let us know.

There are no challenges that we do not take.

Give us a call or send us a message.

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